Friday, November 2, 2012

// Silver Surfer on Marvel: Ultimate Alliance.

Ultimate Alliance: Silver Surfer
Silver Surfer, Thor, Captain America and Captain Marvel.

After I lost my old PSP and got a new one, I had the perfect opportunity to replay all my old games. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (the first one, not the pile of dung the second one was) is a game I had already played a few times, and the prospect to play it again got me very excited (David and I have played the PS2 version together).

One of the secret characters is the Silver Surfer, who can only be unlocked after getting a "bronze" rank on all the missions in the training simulator. I had been playing those as the game progressed, and I wanted to finish the last ones before going to the final stage in the game.

But today something weird happened. I finished the Human Torch's mission and got the notification that the Surfer had been unlocked, although I still had like 8 missions to finish. Not that I am complaining, but it was strange. Now I am ready to defeat Doctor Doom at last.


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