Saturday, February 7, 2015

// Making of: Fall of the Meseta.

Not much of a "making of" to see here, but I like how the image was changing.

First photographStarted shading
Cool pens and bloodColors
Guess who diesFall of Cypher
I bought these color pens just for this.

As you can see, this was based on a story first printed in The New Mutants No. 60, at the end of 1987.

This is how the image looked when it was finished.

It is ready
That's Phantasy Star Portable at the top.

And these are the images in which it was based.

People think Huey is like this
Doug's special powerDeath scene
Not a joke
Each Ani-mate is as much a man as Doug
Some fans wanted to get rid of Doug, but then cried out when he was gone...

I started this picture at the beginning of January, but left it untouched for almost a month when I had to draw the panels where Huey (or Doug) dies.

Now, here is the final product. I hope you all like it!


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